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DEO VOLENTE: Book II in the Drawn Series

Juliet Brynn’s life looks nothing like it did. Her parents divorced and split up the family. Poor, alone, and shattered by others' choices, Juliet has only Damon to bridge the two halves of her life. But when her one refuge is ripped away, she must confront the power that grants her The Gift of Artistic Prophecy, and which demands her loyalty even as it seems determined to destroy her future.

“There’s really no relief for pain, is there? You either get it now, or you get it later. Or both. But you always get it. Pain makes absolutely freakin’ sure of that.” – Juliet Brynn must start her life over again in her newly-divorced mom’s run-down apartment, and at a new school where she knows no one. Nothing seems familiar or safe or invulnerable except Damon, who's a world away back at Juliet’s old school on the other side of town. As her mother’s new relationship threatens Juliet’s tenuous hold on her own self-reliance, Juliet’s new friends cope with damaged families, broken hearts, and death in increasingly destructive ways. When Juliet finds herself completely alone in the world with no protections or safety nets, she must choose between the two paths before her: one leading to a dark future that makes no sense, and another that will take her to the only destination which promises to finally put an end to all her pain.

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5.0 out of 5 stars  I'm in love with the world of this series. There's this fulfilling blend of a disappointing reality with a promise of bright redemption. That, and the tension of dark suspense kept me voracious for the next segment. It's also relatable and nostalgic for me. I was a teenager in the '80s, so the setting is alive for me. Julie's social quandaries bring memories flooding back. I even had a "Chad". That storyline touched me deeply. Thank you, Maria Keffler, for such a wonderful gift. -- Christy

5.0 out of 5 stars "After reading Drawn and falling in love with its nostalgic and brilliantly written exploration of teenage relationships, I have eagerly anticipated its sequel Deo Volente for the last two years. It has certainly been worth the wait. As the protagonists mature and develop in their relationship, the complexities and struggles that they go through while dealing with school, popularity contests and peer pressure, divorce, sexual tension, impending physical separation, and Juliet's supernatural gift of artistic prophecy, are all treated with as much delicacy and thoughtful intricacy as the first installment in this trilogy. The reader is again drawn (no pun intended) into Juliet's world with all its real questions and uncertainties while applauding her and Damon from the sidelines. This is a rare book that explores the innocence of first love and challenges of physical attraction without being sickly sweet or naïve about how hormones can affect hot blooded teenagers. It also reminds the reader of how God speaks to each of us in different ways and that He has special plans and gifts for each individual. Highly recommend this wonderful book!" -- rrdemas

5.0 out of 5 stars  "I'll be recommending this to all my friends who are moms of teen girls! I am so glad I read Deo Volente. I cannot think of any time in my life that I'd rather revisit less than Jr. High. But alas! I am now the mother of a 13 year old girl. This book inspired compassion for her as I remember all the intensity of emotions and struggles that challenge young teens like my daughter. The characters are realistic and the issues are tender: friendship, loneliness, fear and self-doubt, family troubles, being misunderstood and dismissed, suicide, drug addiction and sexual temptation. Best part of it is that God speaks and works in the life of kids like Juliet amidst it all. That is the message I want my daughter to hear! I can't wait to pass the book to her (who has already read the first Drawn book many times)! And can't wait to read the third book! Bravo, Maria Keffler!" -- Carla Jean S Temenak

5.0 out of 5 stars  "Maria Keffler writes with great insight into the difficult, and long-forgotten years (for most of us) between knowledge of our emerging adulthood, and how to transition into this new state-of-being. Few of us made it unscathed and some of us made an incomplete journey--to be finished as life events drove us along. Keffler is good at understanding and exploring the uncomfortable emotions at this chrysalis turning point. She writes with compassion and love for her characters AND she has a good story going. Recommend it for 'tweens and anyone who has one in their life." -- Pia M.

5.0 out of 5 stars  "I loved Drawn and how relatable Julie was. Deo Volente only improved the main character's three dimensional personality, and the emotional depth that the author brings out from her is real and true. The conflicts and confusion in Julie and Damon's advancing relationship show how painfully young they really are. Julie's emotions near the end are completely reasonable and the raw desperation about her poor situation brings the reader closer to her. Very well done!" -- Jasmina

5.0 out of 5 stars "Was delighted with book 2. A great story for men as well. Definitely brought back memories from my youth. The only downside: It was easy to find myself reading much later and longer than I planned. Looking forward to the next book. Another well-written story by a fantastic author. I highly recommend anything written by Maria Keffler." -- Brent McBurney

5.0 out of 5 stars "Having enjoyed the first of this series, Drawn, I could hardly wait for the sequel. It certainly was worth the wait, I couldn't put it down. The characters are believable, tender, heart wrenching, and I found myself jettisoned back to my own painful youth. There is hope in this creatively written book!! An easy read and a must for young and young at heart. Maria Keffler is an author to watch for!! When is the next book coming out??" -- Grandiv

4.0 out of 5 stars "Very well written. I was looking forward to the sequel to Drawn, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Because I am a sci-fi buff I was hoping for more instances of "supernatural drawing" and instead found myself adrift in the somewhat disturbing life of a teenage girl. Deo Volente was an entertaining read but probably best suited for a tween/teen audience. I look forward to reading the final book in the series." -- Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars  "adventurous, thrilling and full of wonderful memories of life as a teenager faces trials of Junior it...can't stop reading it.. Maria Keffler is remarkable and talented...can't wait to read more of her work..this book had me sobbing.. hits very close to home, but I loved it" -- Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars  "I'm right back in middle school having read this book! The author has done a wonderful job of helping me remember and experience the emotional intensity of this age. I enjoyed the hope also portrayed in the story. Carry on!" -- Jeannie Herbert

5.0 out of 5 stars "Love this series! This 2nd book in the Drawn series did not disappoint! I love how the author has woven Biblical Truth throughout the story of a teenager's struggles with life. Can't wait for book number 3!" -- Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars "Outstanding! My children had to fend for themselves while I lost myself in this brilliantly worded sequel! Bravo once again, Maria!!" -- Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars "Great read!! Once again I was captivated from start to finish with this book by Maria Keffler!! She is an amazing author! I am eagerly anticipating the 3rd novel in this series!!!" -- Tammy Neireiter

5.0 out of 5 stars "Another fascinating installment of Damon and Julie's developing relationship. I'm not sure how this adult author can be so in tune with the teenage mind, but it's on point again in Deo Volente. From the growing attraction to the disappointment with family dynamics to the awkward and sometimes heart-breaking friendships, Deo Volente tackles it all! And with the unique twist of Julie's "gift" woven throughout, it was an original story worth my time. Thanks, Ms. Keffler. Can't wait for the third installment!" -- Melanie Sunukjian