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Maria Keffler is a novelist, blogger, and World's Best Mom runner-up #2,451,752. She lives in Arlington, VA, near (but not in) the cemetery, with her three darling cherubs and STEM-y hubs. She is currently writing her next novel and working on a simple formula to predict prime numbers to infinity.

Maria answers to the nicknames Mom, Honey, Auntie 'Ria, and Hey Lady Are These Your Kids?


The God of Mists & Shrouds $3.99


An orphaned Hebrew princess disguises herself as an exiled peasant. A Babylonian slave chooses between the courage that could save her and despair over the love she has lost. A sorceress discovers the truth behind the origins of her dark power. The consequences of the masters they choose will reverberate through generations.

Year-in-Review: the Entirely True Histories of a Perfectly Wretched Family $0.99

Concussive diaper explosions and aircraft lavatories. (The Mile-High Club just isn’t the same thing after kids.) Death, destruction and debt. (How can a child be born $1800 in the hole?) Sibling rivalries of biblical proportions. (“I’m telling God!” “Oh yeah? I’m telling Mom!”) Sometimes the experience of training up kids seems more akin to experiencing a train wreck.

an INTERVIEW or two

Clancy Tucker Interview, September 24, 2014

"Now that all three of the urchins are in school full-time people often ask if I’m going to go back to work. That makes me wonder, 'When did I stop working?'

"I got a book royalty payment from Amazon a few weeks ago. $3.44. For that first novel I spent twelve years writing. That’s work. That’s pay. Right?"

Smashwords Interview, June 2014

"I've loved writing ever since I first got a pencil gripped the right way in my hand, and without siblings or neighbor kids with whom to enjoy Monopoly or dodge ball or cow-tipping, I had lots of time to put long, hackneyed stories onto reams of looseleaf paper. I still have some of them. When I fear that my writing has not improved since childhood, I peruse them, reassured that at least the heroes in my present stories aren't galloping in to save the day on silver unicorns. ('Cause everyone knows unicorns only come in white and pink.)"